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“Middle States” Video & East Coast Tour Dates


More Live Music and other wanderings

If you have not visited you must do so right away.  The Internet Archive has all kinds of stuff from archival film footage to live music recordings.  The site also contains thousands of manuscripts, documents, etc that can be downloaded on .pdf as well.  Definitely worth a look.   The Live Music on the site is all free and the artists approve of the site, which should help you sleep better.  And after all, doesn’t everything boil down to sleep and how much of it you get?

Although none of these artists are Appleseed Cast/Old Canes/Hundred Hands they are worth a listen.  Here are a few of my favorites from the site:

“Just One Thing” – My Morning Jacket.  Back in 2003, when this was recorded, MMJ was an incredible band.  I am not a fan of anything (including “Z”) released after “It Still Moves.”

“Freeway to the Canyon” – Ryan Adams.  I might be on some sort of slow jam country twanging sort of mood tonight.  Fuck it, this is a great song.

“Six Days at the Bottom of the Ocean” – Explosions in the Sky.  Love this track.

And here are four of some of my favorites from Death Cab for Cutie:

“Title and Registration”

“The Sound of Settling”

“What Sarah Said”

“The New Year”

Hope you enjoy those tracks from  The list of artists on that site is not the most satisfying, but there are some definite diamonds in the rough.  Here is one such diamond from the band Calexico.  This song was used in the movie “Collateral.”

“Guero Canelo”

If you haven’t seen “Collateral” you might want to see Tom Cruise in this scene.  He plays a hired killer and well….