Reviews of Low Level Owl Live

I have been compiling some of the various reviews from around the country and thought it would be cool to share them here.  This one from the show in Tucson at Plush is my favorite so far…here.   Money quote:

Fans focused intently, almost reverently, on the shifting textures and ambitious dynamics of the band’s magnum opus. You know it’s true devotion when a Plush audience isn’t nearly as loud as the band.

Almost as much as the band, the crowd had a singular identity and culture—thoughtful, alert to nuance, many in attendance by themselves, but somehow in solidarity. I wanted to know what else was on their iPods, and what other shows they were looking forward to. It felt like I’d found my tribe.

From the show in Houston at Rudyard’s, this review from the Houston Press blog.  Money quote:

Hearing these songs performed live reminded us why we find most versions of post-rock boring to this day, as they all seem to be a pale shadow of the soaring sounds and textures of Low Level Owl. Like any classic emo record, the music alternated between brooding and hopeful, tense and optimistic, as songs like “On Reflection,” “Steps And Numbers,” and “A Place In Line” still resonated strong and true.

A blogger reviewed the Vancouver show at the Biltmore, here.  Money quote:

The show was experiential largely because the Appleseed Cast’s songs are not ones that listeners easily sing along to, though one can still relish in the artistry of the lyrics. The beauty of the group’s Biltmore set lay within its experimental guitar riffs and interesting keyboard effects, encouraging listeners to relate the tunes to the images displayed on the projection screen behind the drummer or to discover their own feelings related to the songs. The Appleseed Cast’s music has the feeling of a quilt: the listener is immersed in the different textures of the grand, symphonic pieces,  all while experiencing the very human warmth and intimacy in songs like “Bird of Paradise” or “Steps and Numbers”.

Just a taste from a few of the reviews.  I am always a little surprised by the mentions of Deep Elm and emo.  Haven’t we moved past that yet?  I mean the band has released, what three records (Two Conversations, Paregrine, and Sagarmatha), since being associated with Deep Elm.  And beyond that, isn’t the emo thing a little yesterday, not just for this band, but for eveything?


3/11/2010 – Empyrean Cafe – Spokane, Washington

Tonight in Spokane the ASC will be playing the Empyrean Cafe.  The place has a MySpace page here.  Spokane was discovered by a Canadian, the same folks that brought you a superior sliced form of bacon.

3/10/10 – Chop Suey – Seattle, Washington

The band winds its way down to Seattle, info here.  Tickets available here.  Just logged the footage from the trip from Los Angeles to Seattle.  There were eleven (ELEVEN!) people in the van on the way up, lots of rain, and many, many minutes of me filming the stuff rushing by.  We stopped only twice along the way.  Pretty disciplined for eleven people, right?

Hard to believe the Seattle Supersonics no longer exist.  Don’t tell the Reign Man (pictured above).

Posters from the Low Level Owl Tour 2010

Graveface is working in conjunction with artists to produce posters for each show on the Low Level Owl tour.  This one is from the show in San Francisco and can be purchased for $25 here.  The posters are fucking awesome.  The one from the show at the Echoplex is something to behold.  It is pictured below and can be purchased here.


in and out of phase.
the clock winds up the nations hands.
falling on disgrace.
watching pragmatists have plans.
to bringing down the face.
the woman hides the strings of death.
stepping down the maze.
a broken life will bind a broken man.
a second hand can sell.
to a fading sense of self.
the wares and tools to break and make another hell.
the blindness we hide inside.
will make us carry more.
empty cans and useless monuments of wealth.
and we could hold hands.
bring back the sea.
and we could stand up.
we could believe

The Name of the Film….maybe.

I have been watching a great many documentaries lately, probably too many.  In fact, having just watched “Food, Inc.” I am almost certain I will never eat a hamburger again.  Ah, the power of the pen…er camera.  Anyway, I think the title is probably a formality especially when it comes to docs about bands.  Chances are if you like the band you are going to see it even if its called “Shit Sandwich and the Leprechauns” or “Flowers and Other Pretty Stuff” and if you don’t like the band you aren’t likely to be convinced by a clever title.  I have been thinking on this and I may..may..go with the state motto of Kansas: Ad Astra per Aspera, which means:  “To the Stars with Difficulty.”  I don’t know.  I am also thinking of throwing in a lyric, kind of like “Rattle and Hum” was used for U2.


As I mentioned before, I really enjoy Peregrine.  It really thunders through for me, rambling on at a torrid pace.  Most of all, it offers the clearest portrait of all the records for me.  The family suffering through loss, the yearning for revenge, and the loneliness and sorrow of those left behind.  And there are ghosts!  All of this is of course my take on the record and means squat.  I have asked Chris and he ain’t telling.  But, he has told me the concept for Low Level Owl, which will be laid out in the film.  Anywho…the song that is kicking my ass lately is “Peregrine.”  Lyrics here:

On your own, come back.
give a call, contact.
So alive, sidetracked.
So alone, come back.

I don’t know,
what to do to show you.
It’s something so old-
and its cold, like a stone.

All that’s said.
All that’s said, could you just shake in a lie?
With a knife in your side.

When you come back to me,
you will be on your knees with wounded hands.

I love the piano that comes in at the end.  It sort of surrenders…