Peregrine Tour Live Tracks

This great website has some interesting bootleg stuff.  I especially like the set from April 8th, 2006 in Chicago.  This would have been on the Peregrine tour.  The recording is probably from the board and has the vocals turned up which is good.  The set list is loaded with tracks from that record but there are a couple of other live tracks as well:

“Forever Longing the Golden Sunsets” from Mare Vitalis.  The best part about this recording is the guy screaming “Play Forever Longing the Golden Sunsets!!!!” to which his buddy a couple of mili-seconds later punctuates with “DO IT!”  Soon after, Aaron Pillar thanks the crowd for coming out and to the aforementioned guy he says “We’re gonna do that.” Fucking clutch.

“February” which is a classic.  The same guy from the above recording yells “Anti-Hero” which gets a half-hearted chuckle from Chris.

I hear your voice
calling me from a calendar
I hear your voice
calling me from a calendar

It’s February,
You’re two years gone,
and I am lost, I am lost
It’s February,
I can feel you’re here,
and Here I come, Here I come

“Fight Song” Another great song.  Always reminds me of the Bush Administration, but there I go giving things away again.

“Steps and Numbers” which kicks ass always.

Stand there,
Dance with,
Stand there dance with a memory.
The caption reads, “It’s all over now.”

“Song 3” which is my favorite song from “Peregrine.”  Thats probably sacrilege, given the “boners the world over” for “February” and “Sunlit Ascending.”  But, I think “Silas’ Knife” and “Song 3” are phenomenal songs, especially within the context of the record as a whole.  The lyrics to “Silas’ Knife” are:

Keep hoarding all your ghosts in fortresses;
it’s only rain.
You know when summer’s coming all the year;
it’s only rain.

Coming around,
the knife takes it’s place.
Falling and crawling under.
Brother of mine,
come out from your cave.
You can not be defeated.

I am not sure the exact meaning of the record, but I am going to post my highly developed hypothesis at a later date followed by an interview of Crisci who hopefully will offer some clues.  But, I’m quite sure that Peregrine is the daughter, accidentally killed by the son, who has come back as a ghost to offer courage and strength to her traumatized brother.  The brother must face their father, who has become a dreadful, hateful man.  Also, “the cave” as mentioned above reminds me of the Allegory of the Cave, and seems to fit as well.  After all the daughter is revealing to the son that life as he has witnessed is not reality.  She has been freed from the bondage of the cave (like the freed prisoner who was also once chained inside the cave) and has seen the truth.  She is trying to lead him out and convince him that once he is released from the bondage of the family that “you cannot be defeated.”

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