The Name of the Film….maybe.

I have been watching a great many documentaries lately, probably too many.  In fact, having just watched “Food, Inc.” I am almost certain I will never eat a hamburger again.  Ah, the power of the pen…er camera.  Anyway, I think the title is probably a formality especially when it comes to docs about bands.  Chances are if you like the band you are going to see it even if its called “Shit Sandwich and the Leprechauns” or “Flowers and Other Pretty Stuff” and if you don’t like the band you aren’t likely to be convinced by a clever title.  I have been thinking on this and I may..may..go with the state motto of Kansas: Ad Astra per Aspera, which means:  “To the Stars with Difficulty.”  I don’t know.  I am also thinking of throwing in a lyric, kind of like “Rattle and Hum” was used for U2.

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