As I mentioned before, I really enjoy Peregrine.  It really thunders through for me, rambling on at a torrid pace.  Most of all, it offers the clearest portrait of all the records for me.  The family suffering through loss, the yearning for revenge, and the loneliness and sorrow of those left behind.  And there are ghosts!  All of this is of course my take on the record and means squat.  I have asked Chris and he ain’t telling.  But, he has told me the concept for Low Level Owl, which will be laid out in the film.  Anywho…the song that is kicking my ass lately is “Peregrine.”  Lyrics here:

On your own, come back.
give a call, contact.
So alive, sidetracked.
So alone, come back.

I don’t know,
what to do to show you.
It’s something so old-
and its cold, like a stone.

All that’s said.
All that’s said, could you just shake in a lie?
With a knife in your side.

When you come back to me,
you will be on your knees with wounded hands.

I love the piano that comes in at the end.  It sort of surrenders…

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