Low Level Owl Documentary

7446 films will be producing a documentary film focusing on the Appleseed Cast and the band’s double CD “Low Level Owl” (2001).  The film will capture ASC as they tour the United States playing the double release in its entirety.  There is no doubt that “Low Level Owl” is a tremendous creative accomplishment, 7446 is pleased to be associated with ASC and looks forward to the coming year.

In addition, 7446 will be filming interview segments throughout the country getting a sense from friends and fans on what exactly this record and this band has meant over the past 10 years.  Your participation is essential.  Please check back to this site often for information on filming locations, interview opportunities, and fan events.  Thank you for your interest.

    • jwmcglone
    • March 10th, 2010

    Hey, I just read about your project via wikipedia. Back in the LLO days some friends and I had a similar idea and ventured out to Lawrence, KS with our cameras. I wonder about interviewing Crisci since he (at the time) didn’t want to be interviewed on camera. So we just talked. Definitely a cool story.

      • lovestedt
      • March 10th, 2010

      I have known Chris for a long time, he is looking forward to this project and sitting down for the interview. Do you still have any of that footage? I would be interested in seeing it. If I were to use it (if you would allow it) I would most definitely give you credit. Just a thought.

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